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National Handwriting Day, 2018

via National Handwriting Day, 2018


National Handwriting Day, 2018

National Handwriting Day falls each year on January 23, the birthday (according to the Gregorian calendar) of John Hancock, the American Revolutionary leader who first sign the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association started this holiday in... Continue Reading →

Irom Meijrao’s special duck and chicken (whole meat)

It is not quite often that you have restaurants or hotels in Manipur where you can relish whole duck or chicken meat, accept those who try them at homes. The only thing that is popular here in this state is... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a virtual world sinner

A number of us have turned out to be lovely somewhere. Our countenances have turned out to be more ovular. Nobody has a dim or whitish complexion; we as a whole have turned out to be taller; our noses are... Continue Reading →

In pursuit of honing the Spencerian script

Great penmanship says a considerable measure in regards to the writer. It demonstrates that the writer esteems both the beneficiary and the demonstration of relating. It's likewise a sign that the writer is a man of great confidence who thinks... Continue Reading →

Sadu Chiru waterfall

Sadu Chiru Fall is all the more famously known as Leimaram Fall as a result of its closeness to Leimaram in the Bishnupur District of Manipur. Be that as it may, the confirmed name for the waterfall is Sadu Chiru.... Continue Reading →

An alternate Cheiraoba at Khurkhul

Cheiraoba is a celebration of observing New Year in Manipur, one of the states of Northeast India . It is a loved celebration when local people clean their homes and enliven them. It is the time when sisters presents endowments... Continue Reading →

Finding the voices for the sexual minorities

“Financial difficulties confronted by transgender are more prominent than those faced by normal man and woman”, says a transman who belongs to the gender and sexual minorities of the society. Until today, I was not fully aware that a transgender... Continue Reading →

Santhei Park : The zest of Andro

When somebody names the word Andro, I always think about the rich history associated with the place, its indigenous brews, local-styled pork curry, and moreover, the Santhei Park. Before, people rarely go to Andro for picnic. Now, the Andro Santhei... Continue Reading →

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